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Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

Having Base Marine broker any of your equipment hire needs will ensure you get the best price and the right equipment. Base Marine has an ever expanding fleet of hire equipment and specialises in hiring equipment out for onshore and offshore use. Along with what’s listed below, we have supply agreements in place with several companies that supply heavy duty equipment of all descriptions and we have procurement specialists onsite who can source whatever you need to meet your requirements at the right price.



The DMS buoy is a DMS Max inside a portable buoy. It is designed for applications where an accurate measurement of wave conditions is needed to support an operation such as a rig move. The DMS buoy can be lowered over the side of the rig or vessel to record a wave sample before deciding whether conditions are suitable.



The DMS max adds a 12 hour battery, RS422/485 and wireless connectivity and the ability to run from an external power supply between 5V and 24V. The RS485 connectivity allows the unit to be hard wired to the PC up to 500m away. The DMS Max is ideal for permanent mounting on a vessel.



The DMS Mini is an entry level system designed to be ultra-portable and to provide all of the DMS functionality where wireless or a long distance wired connection is not required. The software application has the full DMS functionality and the DMS mini can work alongside other DMS units.

12m Gangway


The 12m gangway is available in 2 configurations – roller end above or gripper end. Active telescoping capability is available when used in roller mode. Passive heave compensation is used in gripper mode.

Active Heave Compensated Pedestal (AHCP)


The Tensa AHCP is a new product that has been developed to provide an active compensated system on lightweight high speed vessels when used in conjunction with the lightweight Uptime 12m and 15m gangways. The AHCP is independent of the gangway and can also be used to support small cranes or winches.

Uptime Gangway


TENSA offers the range of Uptime heave compensated telescopic marine gangways. These gangways range from 8m to 23.4m in maximum length. The 8m and 12m gangways are passive heave compensated whilst the larger units are active heave compensated.



A range of different sized gangways 12m Aluminum gangway



A selection of stands from 1-2Tonne acro-props to fully rated and load tested container stands.
1-2T Acro Props
20T Container Stands

Tie downs

Cyclone tie downs

A range of tie down options for onshore and island operations including concrete tie downs and screw piles
2T concrete blocks
2.5m screw piles

Bins/Waste control


Onshore and Offshore waste skips and bins of various sizes.
Onshore bine hire
Offshore bin hire

Work baskets/cages

Goods Cage

Different work baskets and goods cages for different applications
1T Goods cage
2-Man Man-Cage

Subsea Equipment


Subsea and offshore equipment
Subsea survey bases or can be used as anchors or moorings


4500L fuel tank

A range of tanks for carrying different gases and liquids
4,500L double skinned (self bunded) fuel tank with LV hose real and meter

Car Hire

Car Hire

Several cars for hire
Manual dual cab turbo diesel utes



Various sizes and strengths of A-Frame for different vessels and various applications
20T A-Frame



Various winches available

Forklift Hire


10T Forklift
25T Forklift
32T Forklift

Crane Hire


150T Crawler crane
20T Franna Crane

Barge Loading Ramps


Barge Loading ramps up to 300T carrying capacity. 4 sets of purpose built and engineered ramps available. Designed to hinge directly onto the side of a dumb barge and also capable of being used in other capacities.

Base Marine

Base Marine