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Exmouth Supply Base

Exmouth Supply Base

Cyclone Rated Berthing

Loading Pens

Vessel Loading Pens are Pens 1 and 9. Base Marine also utilises the open area to the left of Pen 1 for wider vessels such as barges. Pen 1 is designed to combine personnel access to the vessel as well as cargo loading of up to 30Tonne lifts. Pen 9 is our dedicated Roll-On, Roll-Off (RORO) berth and is stationed in front of our ramp. Loading Landing Craft by RORO offers unique benefits such as fast load and turnaround times and increased load capabilities. Our 32Tonne forklift is capable of driving 20' sea containers onto LCT's and we can back semi's directly onto the vessels here.

Cyclone Rated - Long Term Boat Pens

Pens 2 through 8 have been specially reserved for our clients that elect to lease a berth at Base Marine on a long term basis. 3 and 5 year lease terms are available. These berths are fully cyclone rated for vessels up to 30m LOA and berths are 10m and 11m wide. All of our long term boat pens have dedicated service pedestals providing potable water and different pens offer 32-50amp 3 phase and single phase power.

Cyclone Pens - Boat Security During A Cyclone

During cyclone season, Base Marine is proud to offer secure cyclone rated berths to vessels up to 30m in length. Occasionally Base Marine will have several pens available at any one time however these quickly fill up when a cyclone threat is imminent so it is wise to book as early as possible.

Personnel Access to Berths

Personnel access by way of a floating wharf is provided to all vessels entering Base Marine Supply Base

Roll-on Roll-off Ramp

Our Roll-On Roll-Off Landing Barge Area can facilitate the loading and unloading of Landing Craft up to 50m in Length.
The Facility is purpose built and serviced by our fleet of forklifts which includes new machines with up to 32 Tonne lifting capacity. Loading vessels by Roll-On, Roll-Off is an incredibly efficient way of getting a large amount of heavy cargo on deck in a short period of time. Forklifts can drive containers onto the Landing Craft (LCT) and trucks can back trailers directly onto the vessels.
These vessels have traditionally been used for supplying cargo and materials to islands, due to the fact that they can navigate through shallow waters and simply lower their doors to offload cargo on a ramp or beach at the destination. Several major island projects are within close proximity to Exmouth including Barrow and Thevenard Islands and Varanus Island.
Base Marine has recently been implementing the use of LCT's very successfully by transferring cargo and materials on-board them to ships that are anchored in the Gulf of Exmouth.

Offshore Container Hire

Base Marine is the exclusive agent in Exmouth for Swire Oilfield Services – the world’s largest supplier of offshore containers. We have an extensive range of certified cargo carrying equipment on site and our personnel are trained in packing and pre load-out inspections.

Secure Waterfront Laydown

Base Marine offers a range of storage and laydown facilities from daily storage to long term options. Our Laydown Facility is fully secure and quarantine options are available on request.
Base Marine's site is fully lit by LED stadium lights. It is fully secure with locked gates and triple barbed wire chain mesh fencing. The site has baiting and trapping systems in place to ensure pests are kept out and wash-down facilities are available as required.

Office Space

Enquire about our office space on the water’s edge right in the heart of the commercial vessel section of the Exmouth Boat Harbour. We can accommodate your people with office space regardless of size requirements. All our offices are fully furnished and air-conditioned throughout.

Heavy Load-out Zone

Base Marine operates a 150 tonnes crane and is the only loading facility of this capacity in Exmouth. We have several solutions for heavy load-outs which can be considered by our clients.
The most conventional of these is loading cargo via crane. Base Marine's brand new Hitachi Sumitomo 150T Crawler is stationed on the waterfront at our Heavy Load Out Facility. The Crane is capable of lifting up to 30 Tonne as it is normally configured onto vessels in our loading pens. Should clients require lifts heavier than this, a simple boom re-configuration can be made to increase lift capacity to 50Tonne.

Slip Yard

Our vessel slipping capabilities are increasing rapidly and we are progressing towards being able to slip vessels up to 400T by 2017 with an order being placed for the boat lifter in Q2 2015 and construction is due to start soon. Currently Base Marine can slip vessels up to 30T and we offer a full range of shipyard services once on the hard stand.
Slipping any vessel is normally either made easy or challenging dependant on the range of support services available to the vessels owners for maintenance and repairs. At Base Marine, we have experienced slipping project officers on site that are ready to help you blast, paint, antifoul and make any repairs or upgrades that may be necessary. We also have an on-site chandlery that stocks basic items that will help you through your project. Please see the shipping supplies section of our website for stock lists and contact us if you require anything we don’t currently stock as we are only too happy to source any item for you.

Boat Maintenance/Painting

Our people care about your vessel, and that’s what sets us apart from the rest. We manage maintenance programmes on several commercial vessels and other pieces of equipment/machinery. We have varying levels of mechanical staff on site that can manage your maintenance depending on the job. We can also take care of all of your boat painting and anti-fouling needs.

Personnel Transfers

Ships, platform support vessels (PSV’s), rig tenders and other large vessels are able to anchor just a few miles from the entrance to the Exmouth Boat Harbour and we are often engaged to send supplies, equipment and stores out using smaller local supply boats.
Exmouth has an offshore compliant heliport for crew transfers or we can arrange personnel transfer vessels and bus transfers to and from the airport. For qualified and unqualified labour requirements, contact our personnel/labour hire division on 9949 1433

Stores/Provisions service

We know that nothing survives offshore without the lifeline of stores support networks. Base Marine’s services range from forwarding your stores or refrigerated goods to a full provisioning service where we will take your orders and compile them through the use of local suppliers and wholesalers and pack them into appropriate containers and send them offshore to you wherever that may be. We have refrigerated containers on site.
Exmouth is fortunate enough to have excellent suppliers of wholesale food and fresh fruit and veg and Base Marine will supply any tools, equipment or consumables you may require. For all stores and provisions requirements, look no further than your partner in the North West.

Base Marine

Base Marine